Welcome to Errata Compiler!

We all know a book can have errata no matter how much love you put on it. Sometimes is hard to find info about them, and much less an official answer from publisher. You must go to publishers' forums (if they are) to find them.

This tool allows centralize in one place all errata that eager readers find out on books, so thus we can check them in an easy and fast way.

Are you a relentless reader?

If you find out errata on books you read, now you can let know to everybody about them. Thus you will collaborate to improve books and you will help to better understand the text.

Add new errata

Are you an editor?

Errata exist. Users find them. And they would like to hace an official answer from publishers. Register here and tell us what publishers you manage, so you could approve or reject errata that are added by users.


How it works

Step 1

An user add an errata to an existent book, or even he can add new publishers and books to increase the catalog.

Step 2

The editor checks pending errata and approves or rejects them as his criteria.

Step 3

There is no step 3. All can find book errata to better understand it.